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Mediation can assist

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Mediation can assist

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Mediation can assist

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Mediation can assist

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Mediation can assist

At Bay Mediations, we specialise in Family Law Mediations, including disputes regarding the division of assets/liabilities and parenting arrangements.

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What is Mediation?

  •  Required by the Court.
  • Voluntary, informal and confidential meeting.
  •  Raise and discuss issues.
  • Attempt to come to an agreement.
  • Safe, civil and private setting.

Identify Issues

Assisted Conversation

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About the Mediator

Adelaide Mcluckie is an accredited Mediator, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Lawyer. She was born and raised on the Central Coast, studied and worked in Sydney for 7 years before returning to the Central Coast. Adelaide practiced Family Law in Woy Woy for several years, dealing with both property and parenting disputes. She has experience working in the Local Court, the Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court.

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Why Mediation?

Our Mission

In history, a white flag was used to symbolise a truce or a desire to speak. It was raised to initiate a ceasefire, or conduct battlefield negotiations. Similarly, in Mediation we are encouraging people to ‘wave the white flag’.

Come together in a peaceful environment, listen to each other and negotiate a better future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mediation confidential? How private will my information be kept?

Yes, Mediation is confidential. The Mediation and anything said in Mediation is confidential and cannot be disclosed outside of Mediation. All communications are also inadmissible in any court or proceedings. There are exceptions in relation to the safety of the parties or any risk of harm to children.


Can the Mediator give legal advice?

No, however the Mediator can give her point of view based on her experience if this is requested by both parties. The Mediator’s role is impartial and independent. The Mediator will assist you to discuss the issues and come to a resolution. The Mediator can inform you about the relevant legislation, the process and talk to you about her experience in the relevant area, however cannot give either party legal advice.

Do you issue section 60i certificates?

The Mediator is also a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, which means she is authorised to issue a section 60i certificate in parenting matters. This certificate will enable you to commence court proceedings.

What if I can’t afford Mediation?

Mediation is a private, paid service. However, at Bay Mediations our goal is to help all people resolve their conflicts. Accordingly, we are open to fee flexibility and would be happy to discuss options with you. 

Do I need to bring a lawyer or get legal advice?

No. This is entirely up to you. 

We do note that obtaining legal advice will help you to understand:

  • Your rights 
  • Your children’s rights
  • What parenting arrangements can/should be made
  • How the court would consider your matter
  • What are the relevant contributions of the relationship
  • What type of agreements can be entered into and what those agreements can include
  • What you can/cannot do with your finances pending agreement
  • What happens if an agreement cannot be reached

What happens if my ex-partner won’t participate in Mediation?

The Mediator can provide you with suggestions about what you can do next to progress your matter. What these suggestions are will depend upon your circumstances, but may include legal advice, therapy, courses or court proceedings. 

The Mediator is also a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, which means she is authorised to issue a section 60i certificate in parenting matters. This certificate will enable you to commence court proceedings.

Do I have to participate in Mediation if my ex-partner has initiated it?

No. Mediation is voluntary. We suggest that you proceed with the intake session and then decide whether to participate in the Mediation. 

We believe in Mediation as a powerful method of dispute resolution and are hopeful that we can assist you.

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